DruStats provides visualizations for a variety of data obtained using the drupal.org API. This was built for a developer contest organized by Azri Solutions at DrupalCon Asia 2016. As per the contest rules, only data from drupal.org API is used to build the visualizations.

Many of the visualizations are interactive to various degrees. You can hover over different parts of any visualizations to see popups with more information, e.g., hovering over any circle in the module downloads bubble graph would show the number of downloads for that module. Further, legend in some of the visualizations highlight the corresponding data when you hover over it. For example, hover over each legend cell in issues breakdown to see where that item is in the pie chart.

This application is licensed under GPL-v2. It uses various third party components which are licensed under similar or permissive licenses. Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.